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YFC-Boneagle Electric Co., Ltd.

Cabling Products - ETL Verified Certificates of Conformance:

Category 6A Cabling Solutions
2-connector unshielded link
  Patch Panel p/n YPPX(1)-AUHD-X(2)/X(3)
  Wall Outlet p/n YKJX(1)-AUX(2)-X(3)-XX(4)
  UTP Horizontal Cable p/n YLCP-APUCH04-xy-305zz
3-connector shielded channel
  Equipment Cords, 5 m p/n YLCP-APx-yyyMB-zz
  Equipment Cords, 3 m p/n YLCP-APx-yyyMB-zz
  Equipment Cords, 2 m p/n YLC-APAP04-xR-yyyzz
  Wall Outlet (Keystone Jack) p/n YKJx-AFHL
  Patch Panel p/n YPPK-AFH
  Keystone Jack p/n YKJx-AFHL
  U/FTP, LSOH, Horizontal Cable p/n YLC-APAH04-xR-yyyzz

Category 6A Cable
4-Pair, 23 AWG, U/UTP, CMR horizontal (solid) cable p/n YLC-APUCH04-xy-305zz

Category 6 Cabling Solutions
2-connector shielded link
  Wall Outlet p/n YKJ-6FVD-X5
  S/FTP CM Horizontal Cable p/n YLC-6PH04-xy-305zz
  Patch Panel p/n YPPS-6FVD-P1/P2
3-connector unshielded link
  Keystone Jack p/n YKJ-6UVD-X5
  Patch Cord p/n YLC-6UH04-xy-LLLcc
  Keystone Jack p/n YKJ-6UHD-X5
  UTP LSZH Horizontal Cable p/n YLC-6UH04-xy-305zz
  Patch Panel p/n YPPS-6UHD-P1/P2
3-connector unshielded channel
  Equipment Cord, 3 m p/n YLCP-6UA-003MB-xx
  Wall Outlet p/n YKJ-6UHD-xx
  Equipment Cord, 2 m p/n YLCP-6UA-002MB-xx
  Keystone Jack p/n YKJ-6UVD-xx
  UTP CM Horizontal Cable p/n YLC-6UCH04-HN-090xx
  Patch Panel p/n YPPB-6UHD-8/24
  Equipment Cord, 5 m p/n YLCP-6UA-005MB-xx
6-connector unshielded channel
  Patch Cord p/n YLCP-6UX-YYYMB-ZZ
  Keystone Jack p/n YKJ5-6UHD
  UTP LSZH Horizontal Cable p/n YLC-6UCH04-XR-YYYZZ
  110 Blocks p/n Y110B
  Patch Panel p/n YPPL-6UHD

Category 6 Cable
4-Pair, 24 AWG, UTP, CM horizontal (solid) cable p/n YLC-6UCH304-X1X2-XXX3XX4
4-Pair, 24 AWG, UTP, CM cord (stranded) cable p/n YLC-6UP04-xy-305zz
4-Pair, 23 AWG, UTP, CM horizontal (solid) cable p/n YLC-6UH04-xy-305zz
4-Pair, 23 AWG, UTP, CMP horizontal (solid) cable p/n YLC-6UH04-Dy-305zz
4-Pair, 26 AWG, UTP, CM cord (stranded) cable p/n YLC-6UP104-xy-305zz

Category 5e Connecting Hardware
RJ-45, unshielded, modular jack p/n YKJ-C5EU-V-X4/X5

Category 5e Cabling Solutions
3-connector unshielded channel
  Equipment Cord, 3m p/n YLCP-EUA-xxxMy-zz
  Keystone Jack p/n YKJ-C5eU-90
  UTP LSZH Horizontal Cable, 90m p/n YLC-EUH04-xy-305zz
  Patch Panel p/n YPP-8/24-C5eU180
3-connector shielded channel
  Equipment Cord, 3m p/n YLCP-ESA-xxxMy-zz
  Keystone Jack p/n YKJ-C5eS-90
  S/FTP CM Horizontal Cable, 90m p/n YLC-ESH04-xy-305zz
  Patch Panel p/n YPP-8/24-C5eS90

Category 5e Cable
4-Pair, 26 AWG, UTP, CM cord (stranded) cable p/n YLC-EUP104-xy-305zz
4-Pair, 24 AWG, UTP, CM horizontal (solid) cable p/n YLC-EUH04-xy-305zz
4-Pair, 24 AWG, UTP, CM cord (stranded) cable p/n YLC-EUP04-xy-305zz
4-Pair, 24 AWG, UTP, CMP horizontal (solid) cable p/n YLC-EUH04-Dy-305zz
4-Pair, 24 AWG, FTP, CM horizontal (solid) cable p/n YLC-5FH04-xy-305zz


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